The Ence Gang

The Ence Gang

Monday, November 24, 2014

September Round Up

I'm a few months behind!

September was a bit of a stressor and a whirlwind for us. We had a baby that was almost due and could show up at any moment (ha!), and we moved (again!) to the beautiful house we are in now. Plus Bladen starting school (and mommy worrying a ton) and Deric starting teaching again at JCC added a bit to the stress. Whew, it's a wonder we made it.

Bladen hopping on the bus for his first day. I held it together, mostly, and he ended up loving it! School has been really great!

I found this thing online that was supposed to predict when I would be having Addie. It was wrong.
These are the only moving photos I got this time around. Bladen is becoming a pro at it.

Pregnancy craving fulfilled. YUM!
Side note: Dear Jamestown, please get a Dairy Queen. Thanks!
37 weeks pregnant!
This is the new house we live in! Isn't it cute?! I love all the wonderful details. Plus it's clean and nice and something we have a lot of pride in taking care of and living in. Not all rentals are created/treated equally. This rental is a diamond in the rough and we fill lucky and blessed to be here.
Also thank you to our new landlords for being so kind and understanding of our crazy situation. (We almost moved to Oregon, but weren't sure if it was going to happen and the whole not knowing pushed back our move in date.) I'm not sucking up, honest. I am truly grateful for the blessings they made possible for being understanding. Good people.
Look at my kitchen cupboards!!! Cuteness!
Another amazing blessing to living in this awesome house is living in this awesome neighborhood. We love sitting on the porch waiting for the bus and watching all the kids walk to school. It's so family friendly here, we are loving it!

Hahaha, this picture cracks me up. It's Bladen's attendance photo at the school. We were able to go and meet his teacher, Mr. Nelson. He is awesome and so good with the kids. I really like him. Bladen was proud to show us around the school and knew right where his classroom was without any help. What a smarty. (We had no idea where it was, and Bladen took us up stairs, and around several windy hallways. Impressive for a 3 year old.)
39 weeks, almost there!
September was good to us, now onto baby and birthday month! OCTOBER!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Life update

There is so much I want and need to update on my blog, but where does the time go?! Oh I know, it is in the constant crazy marathon that is now my life, happily though, mostly. One of these days I will get the hang of things and will be able to have some more time. But for right now, when one thing happens and gets done, then another thing is sacrificed.

For instance, the baby is asleep (who knows for how much longer), and instead of showering I am choosing to blog, that is after I have already put in a load of laundry and got out the few Thanksgiving decorations I have. I would choose to shower, that is blessed coveted time, but I don't know how much longer she'll be asleep. And HA! She just started crying as I typed this. She has impeccable timing when it comes to me wanting to do anything. Napping, eating, playing with Bladen, showering...

Ok I'm back, (I'm currently sacrificing getting ready, but who does that anymore anyway? Psh...) it's been about an hour an a half. I decided to shower with her awake, *gasp*! She did pretty good, just chilled in her rocker chair and enjoyed the dreamy festive sounds of Nat King Cole. (Heck yes I'm listening to Christmas music, I only have 40 something days of Christmas music enjoyment left!)

I don't know what specifics to update about. I have so many things to write about like when Grammy and Papa came to visit, or Bladen's birthday, or Halloween... I will just have to update those later and backdate them.

I think I will just write today.

Adjusting to a new baby has been pretty good. I feel overall I am doing well. She gets up every 2 to 3 hours at night, I feed and change her. Then if I get lucky I can easily put her back to sleep in her swing. If not, that's when I poke Deric and have him get up to help me. It is both a giant blessing and a huge frustration that Deric can usually get her to sleep so easily. I watch and mimic his exact movements of how he holds her and puts her to sleep. But I think my milk jugs and mommy smell get in the way because I will try for over an hour, sometime two, and I CAN'T get her to sleep. What. The. Heck? It makes for long frustrating days usually.

Anyway- I usually let Deric sleep because on most days he has to be up at 4:30, and little miss Addie gets pretty fussy before bed and won't calm down until about 12:00 sometimes. So that's not a lot of sleep for Deric. But in general we are doing ok on sleep and our night time routine, it'll get better with time.

Adjusting to a new baby with a 4 year old has been rough. Well, I guess not rough, but challenging. My patience is so not what it needs to be with Bladen. He is doing great with Baby Adelaide, his name for her, and simply loves holding her, talking to her, touching her, and making all sorts of sounds to get her attention. It's really sweet and a giant blessing he loves her so much already instead of disliking her and being jealous and acting out. But I have such a major guilt complex building every time Bladen asks, "Mommy, you wanna play wif me?" Oy- yes, every day I want to play buddy! But I can't all the time anymore and I am basically a milk machine or grouchy tired mom. Deric has been really really busy too with his two jobs, and his calling just got so much more intense and time consuming for him. (Another ward was recently combined with ours.) So basically I try to keep Bladen as entertained as possible, but a lot of movies happen, not enough energy and activity is happening and so we are left with a loud rambunctious 4 year old that just wants SOMETHING to do or SOMEONE to play with him. And unfortunately after awhile of all of it, I get impatient. I need to set up some more play dates for him or something, but that's hard because I am not ready to reciprocate and have his friends over here yet. So basically I would be calling my friends up and asking them to babysit Bladen. Hmmmm, I guess we will see what happens.

So yes, the Bladen aspect of our new normal is hard. I think with time we will figure it out and he will start to understand that we can't always play with him and he might need to play by himself. But in general, that part of things is ok too.

My recovery is going pretty well. Although it's funny how you think you are back to normal and run around playing tag with your son at the playground, and then you just hurt the rest of the day and your body just feels pounded. I guess I'm not all the way better yet.

I am back down to my pre pregnancy weight, woo! BUT, or should I say BUTT, some things have changed. My body grew differently this pregnancy. My hips, rear, and thighs especially have grown and none of my pants fit anymore! Wah, wah! Maybe with some more time and if I actually work out they will fit again, but I have no clothes to wear. I pretty much wear basketball shorts night and day and one pair of jeans from time to time, that still fit. Maternity clothes are not fun to wear when you aren't pregnant, so I hardly wear them unless I have no other option. SO, I guess I will just have to go take some of my birthday money and buy a new pair or two of jeans.

What else? I am antsy to get out of the house and to be able to take her with me. We waited a good long time with Bladen, and I think we will wait to take her to church for awhile, at least. No offense to anyone, but the thought of taking her to church gives me anxiety. I love how loving and friendly we are in church and we share our families and pass our babies and help each other out. But she is tiny, and I am not ready to share her, haha. I am not ready for people to touch her, especially during cold season. And how could they not with all her beautiful hair? Maybe that makes me a wacko, uptight, germ-o-phobe, but she's my baby and I get to be however I want to be. I will do what I feel comfortable with. Judge away.

But I think we will take her out on small outings, like walking around the mall or something. She can stay in her stroller and no one is going to bother her there.

I do get out a little bit. But it is always a mad dash to get whatever done and then rush back home before she needs to eat again. I've pumped and we've tried a bottle, but she doesn't like it much and it ends up making her more upset and hard to calm down. So a milk machine on demand I will stay.

That's all I can think of for now. Things are a little crazy still, and I imagine will be for awhile. But we are happy and feel so blessed to have our daughter here with our family.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Adelaide's Birth Story

(Do you love reading these as much as I do? It's long, fyi.)
40+4 weeks

My due date was on October 7th, my mother in law's birthday. At my weekly appointments before this day came, I asked to be checked each time (even though I was given the "it's entirely unnecessary, everyone measures different, it doesn't indicate anything" lecture at each request). I wasn't necessarily getting my hopes up or anything, I was just curious if any changes were happening. At each appointment I was told nothing was going on really. Except one midwife had told me I was at a 1, at one point. But the next week I was told, "closed". So who knows.

But it's no wonder, I wasn't nearly as active this pregnancy as I was with the last. I was pretty lazy, and wasn't really doing anything to help myself along in the dilation process. (With Bladen I was induced already at a 4 and having small contractions that I didn't know about.)

My due date came and went, I was a little bummed, but still feeling ok. I was surprisingly not rushed or impatient to get things moving. I think (by dramatic evidence of my "feelings before baby comes" post) that I hadn't really prepared myself or thought about it all as much as my first pregnancy. I wrote that post when all those emotions came very suddenly after being told I would be induced the next day. (Tuesday 10/14/14). It suddenly was here and I had to face all those things I was choosing not to think about.
Just about 41 weeks, out at Port Farms

Ok- jump to Monday night when I was to go to the hospital to get Cervidil at 10:00PM, and then to go home, sleep, and return in the morning to be induced. Well that's what I thought my doctor had said, but apparently I misinterpreted his instructions and was to be admitted and staying in the hospital that night. Whaaaaaaaat? Deric and I were pretty surprised, I had brought nothing with me and we were both a little unsettled/unprepared. When we had a moment before Deric went home to get my stuff, I asked him to give me a blessing. It was nice to have that blessing. All I can remember being said is that Heavenly Father had a plan, and the delivery would go according to that plan. That could go either way, but I decided that it was good and I felt calm afterwards and knew if I had perfect delivery or a c section, it was all part of the plan, not to worry.

They put in the Cervidil (medicine that sits on the cervix overnight to soften and help dilate), and that was ridiculously painful. Either my cervix was playing hide and seek, hiding deep inside my body somewhere, or that nurse had giant hands. Probably both.Then the IV was put in, another ouch. A gross ouch. (Needles and foreign things sticking in your body are gross.)  Deric and I watched TV for awhile (TV!), and eventually decided to get some sleep. Ha! Sleep, in a hospital, that's a joke.

8:30AM came and things started happening. At 9:00AM Pitocin was started and Deric and I sat and watched TV. (TV!) I don't know when I started getting contractions, but it seemed like it took a little while. They were ok for a little while, and then if I remember correctly, it seems like within an hour's time period things got painful pretty fast. I asked Deric to rub my foot really hard, like last time, so I would have a distraction to focus on that pressure instead of the pain I was feeling. It didn't really work this time around, so I asked him to rub my shoulders and back really hard, that seemed to help a little bit. If nothing else, I finally got a back rub. =)

I'm going to guess that around 11:30 is when I asked the nurse if there was something I could take to help with contractions, I was getting to my end point. She said I could take this drug that would "take the edge off", I can't remember what it was called. I asked if it's the one that makes you tired and a little loopy, she said yes. I was reluctant to take it because I wanted to be present, and in my own mind when Addie was born. I had to really fight to listen and follow instructions after taking that drug with Bladen's labor. She said I could take a half dose, and I asked her to check me to see how far I was. It had only been a couple hours, but I felt like with the kind of contractions and pain level I was at, I had better be pretty far. (Because if I wasn't dilated much and I was going to endure that pain for who knows how many hours.... bleh.) She checked me and said with much surprise that reflected my own that I was at a 7, at least. Oh great relief filled me! Yay! I was almost there, which meant it would almost be over!

As soon as she said "7cms" I asked for the epidural. I know better. I've been told much past a 7 they won't let you get an epidural and if I had gone from closed to 7cms in 2 and half hours, then I wanted it now, no time to waste. PLUS, who knows how long it would take the epidural dude to get there.

The nurse had to get permission from my doctor who I think stopped in once at 8:30. But she was in an emergency C Section and was busy. She must have given the "OK", because the epidural dude came in. WOW, I wasn't really nervous for that part. But when he came, and with the pain of my contractions and getting to the point where I couldn't get through them without crying, I was a nervous shaky wreck. The whole "DON'T MOVE" aspect of it all is scary and HARD to do when you are crying and breathing through PAIN. But that scary hard moment was over before long.

Here's the thing: epidurals are weird. I guess maybe I don't understand how they work, which is my fault, I haven't cared enough to do the research. I explained to the E dude that my last one didn't take with my right hand side of the body and I could still feel the peak of every contraction. This knowledge somehow helped him and he was able to get all things numbed pretty well. He explained to me that I would still feel some pain when I started pushing. (What?! Wasn't that what an epidural is for, E dude?) But for the time being, I was ok for a bit. At 12:47PM I experienced some relief for a bit.
I'm so glad I took this picture because it was first of all significant in my story because the incredible building pain had subsided, and it also helps me put the pieces together of when everything happened.

So just after this is when things went into hyperdrive, that's a thing right? It seemed like I was ok for maybe 30 mins, and then I got to the whopper painful contractions, apparently. I suddenly could feel it all again. ............... Epidural dude, not cool man.

With crazy painful contractions back again, I just tried to breath and cry through them. Holy wow. But then I thankfully started to feel pressure and that I wanted to push. We called in the nurse and she said she would go see where my doctor was at with her C section. I guess she was just finishing up with everything and wasn't sure if she would make it.

While nurse was away, I was having a pretty hard time in general, but also not pushing. She came back and started to get everything ready. She said we were going to do some pushes and the doctor would be there shortly. So I held my knees back while laying almost flat, no stirrups! (Those things are so awkward, even during labor.) I began pushing through the crazy contractions. I don't know how to convey how I felt all the sudden. I think I cursed Epidural Dude's name. No, I didn't. I in fact did not scream or curse (not even in my head!) at all. I just cried, and probably grunted. haha. But holy dang amounts of RING OF FIRE pain! I've heard other women talk about that "ring of fire", dude, it's a real thing. And who knows if I was even feeling all the pain or not? My legs were lovely numb jelly blobs, but the rest of me was NOT.

C section doctor wasn't showing up, so nurse ran out to find another doctor that could slip in real fast. In came the doctor that I wasn't crazy about from my OBGYN office. I was a little disappointed, but literally as he was putting on the gloves and acting all matter of fact and "let's get this done", my nice lovely doctor came in and swooped in. She was all ready to go and as soon as she came in I was on my last pushes.

My water still hadn't broken yet, and with one great big push it snapped. Everyone then said, oh my goodness, she has so much hair! Oooo I was excited and happy after that. I think I pushed maybe 2 more times, once for the head (!!!!!!!!FIRE!!!!!!!!!) and then an easy last one for her body, and she slipped out.

Wow! She was purple and blue (not because of the cord or anything) and was spread eagle! I saw her hair and I saw her beautiful eyes, she was mine. They wrapped her in a warm blanket and laid her on my chest. That was the best moment ever, I'm sad I didn't do that with Bladen. It was amazing getting to just hold her instantly and see her and have her (finally) in my arms. I thought about Heavenly Father and prayed in my head thanking Him for blessing me and trusting me with this beautiful baby. I thought about my Grandma Asmussen, who passed last November. I don't know if she had any hand in convincing Heavenly Father I needed a baby and needed a girl, but I often imagined this happening. So I thanked my grandma, and I just felt content and happy.

Deric had tears in his eyes, and I had tears in my eyes, it was so special. (With Bladen I think we were both stunned. Neither of us cried.) Deric was great. The whole time he was by my side, talking to me, telling me I was doing a good job. I wasn't really paying attention to him to much while pushing, but he didn't threaten to pass out this time, which was much appreciated.

And that is my labor story.

She was born at 1:34PM. So from 12:47PM to 1:30PM I dilated those last 3 centimeters. From 9:00AM to 1:34PM, I had a 4 and a half hour labor. THAT, is awesome. They should all be like that. I was so worried it would be a terrible experience, and it was wonderful. It was so quick.

We are loving our little Addie Lu. I love her nickname. I actually have been calling her baby Adelaide mostly, which surprises me since I fell in love with the nickname first. But she is perfect and so sweet. Her temperament is very mild and happy overall.

Bladen just loves her. He is always asking to hold her and touch her and loves to get close watching her and giggles at everything she does. I constantly hear "aww, she's so cute!", and it makes me so happy he loves his sister so much already. I wish Bladen had a sibling closer in age to really play with, but this age difference is great so far. I really appreciate that he understands what is going on and when I explain things to him. We haven't seen too much new behavior from Bladen, maybe just more rambunctious. But this could also be from us not being able to play with him as much and him needing to get his wiggles and loudness out.
Bladen brought gifts for Adelaide.

We are a happy family of 4! Welcome to our family baby Adelaide. We love you so much already.

Adelaide Lucy
8.2 pounds
20.5 inches long

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Baby Adelaide Lucy

Introducing our newest joy to the family:

Baby Adelaide Lucy Ence
Born on October 14th, 2014 at 1:34PM
Weighing 8 pounds and 2 ounces
20 1/2 inches long

She is precious and yummy in every way. Especially with all that HAIR!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Feelings Before Baby Comes

I have all sorts of feelings racing through me right now. I thought maybe I would document some of them, and then touch on them after everything all goes down.

I went to my last OBGYN appointment today. Heart rate is great, amniotic fluid is great. No dilation, no contractions. Basically, baby is either content or stubborn, or my body is stubborn and isn't doing what it's supposed to be doing or just not ready. I don't know which of these things is the case, nor does my doctor.

I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow, not crazy over, just a week. But my doc said they rarely let woman go past 41 weeks at their practice because the rate and chance of having a still birth increases greatly. I don't really have a problem with being induced, I've done it before and had a good experience. (Except I was 4 cms dilated last time.) I really wanted to go into labor naturally and have that experience of counting and timing and all that. It seems kind of exciting. So I suppose it's a little bit of a bummer, but I'm a big girl. I would just rather have my little girl here healthy.

But I am a bit frustrated with my body. I've tried all the "ways" to help myself to labor. Nothin.

I'm a touch worried about being induced with no progress or anything because if for some reason my body/baby (???) really isn't ready, then it will result in a C section. It's all a time game really. Thank heavens there is that option and modern medicine, but I would really love to not have to have surgery to meet my kiddo. My doctor seemed a smidgen worried about this too. I said I would do whatever was recommended, waiting or inducing. He said we will induce tomorrow morning. (Tuesday the 14th.)

So why am I not jumping for joy and super excited? Why am I feeling anxious and overwhelmed? I really don't know, but I super dislike this feeling. I think with your first labor it's all new and exciting/scary. You don't know what to expect, but you are so ready and excited to meet that baby. Now it's not that I'm not excited to meet my daughter, duh. But I just feel so.... bleh. I don't know. Overwhelmed.

-my body not doing what it's supposed to
-delivering in a hospital that makes me uncomfortable (this is a big one)
-potentially having a doctor (there are 4 where I go) that makes me uncomfortable, deliver the baby
-looming potential c section (I almost feel like it was presented by my doctor as a threat, not a possibility)
-Bladen. Him being taken care of, how he will react and respond to this change
-Deric not being at the labor the whole time
-Actual labor, I know I can do this, but I'm still not excited for it
-Epidural, it didn't take well last time. What will happen this time?
-Breastfeeding, I've totally forgotten how to do this. And my chest has shrunk this pregnancy, not grown in crazy proportions like last time. What if that means my milk will never come in? That would be sad.
-Will I be postpartum again for a little while? Most terrible feelings ever.
-What if's?

Anyway- I just feel a little anxious over all these things which is making it hard to be super excited. But I am. I really am excited, it's just deep inside me somewhere. I'm eager to be done for all the people to stop asking "when is that baby going to come out"? (I know, it's a normal good and fine question. I'm just the grumpy hormonal pregnant woman that is tired of answering "I don't know, whenever she wants" and making small chat. How rude am I? Meh.)

So there are my feelings. Feels good to express them, I feel like I have more room to let the happy feelings be felt instead of all the yucky ones.

I will get a blessing before I go in, and I will CLING to that blessing with faith and hope, and it will all go well. I will get to have my baby girl in my arms within the next 24 hours. DUDE, that's pretty cool. Oh I hope she has gobs of hair. Gobs of it! I can't wait to see who she looks like. Deric, me, or Bladen, or a combination. I'm already in love with her and can't wait. I am feeling more ready and excited.

It's just a lot to take in guys. Birthing babies and all the stuff that comes along with it isn't easy. But I've done it before. So I think I just need to find my awesome, "I'm Heidi, and I rock" attitude, and I'm going to punch this labor business in it's stupid painful face! Here we go!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First Day of PreK!

Oh goodness, this has been a hard one for me to accept. I inadvertently had told myself I was ready for Bladen to go to preschool for a couple hours a day, a couple days a week. But when I found out about New York's program for Universal Pre Kindergarten and it's requirements, I was seriously worried.

Worried because instead of this nice little imagine in my head of Bladen getting some socialization and learning and then being with me most of the time, it turned into him being gone for the majority of the day all week long. 5 hours a day (plus bus time, so another hour+), for 5 days a week, and here is the part that makes it the hardest for me to accept, HE'S NOT EVEN 4 YET!!! He's still just my baby. This is the kind of schedule that Kindergarten students have, and even then they can do half days in some places. There is no half day option here. It's all or none. Ugh.

The question begs to be asked, why are you doing it then if you have been so worried and have had a hard time accepting it? There are many reasons:

-UPK is only offered the year that they turn 4 (before December 1st).  I couldn't wait to put him in it next year, he would be out of luck because that is when he is supposed to start Kindergarten. (We shall see about that one.)
-It is part of the school programs here, so it's free, has transportation, and is at a school that I like and trust because I have a friend in my ward that is very involved and has all her kids go there. (It's just up the street too.)
-As much as the bus made me nervous (would he be safe? would he sit still? are there seat belts? will he be a good boy when other kids might not be?...) it is a life savor to have because we only have one car at the moment. Plus, thank heavens, he LOVES the bus.
-I really wanted Bladen to be in some kind of program. Deric and I feel he is pretty good and ready curriculum wise for his age (the school did testing and confirmed he could be ready for Kindergarten pretty much, nice), but we think he really needs the friendships, socialization and learning to listen to other adults.
-I didn't want him to be behind. I think he would have only been "behind" in New York because they are pushing up the age when all this starts, but if we end up staying longer than another year, I want him to be where he is supposed to be.
-I'm having another kid (any day!) and it truthfully will be nice to have Bladen occupied and doing well. Then I will have a couple hours to myself with the new kiddo to adjust and get my life kind of back to normal each day.
-Lots of other reasons I can't think of now.
Anyway- so Bladen started at the beginning of September, and he was so excited! He was ready to go "play with friends" and ride the bus. All my worries and fears disappeared mostly in the first week. (They never fully disappear when you are a mom, come on!) But he has completely loved school.
He loves his teacher, Mr. Nelson, and tells us about all the fun things he does at school. His favorites seem to be playing on the playground, playing with their little kitchen, puppets, and the sand table.

He is excited every day to show us what worksheets and things he's been working on. He is always singing some new fun song or nursery rhyme. My favorite is to hear Deric sing and do them with him, it is cuter than new born puppies I tell you. CUTER!
Getting on the bus. I only cried a little bit. Much better than the sobfest I thought I'd be.
There have been bits and pieces that we get out of Bladen (it's hard to understand his explanations of how his day went) that are concerning or make us a little sad. (The same boy according to Bladen, that always is pushing or kicking him. Lots of tears and crying for various reasons. Being put in time out or having his name on the board for not listening/being naughty. Etc.) But in the end, these are all normal things that are a part of life and learning, and we get to be the parents that try to help teach him through these experiences.
Coming home, off the bus. His bus people are SO nice.

So overall, we are ALL happy with Bladen going to PreK. I hadn't expected it to come so early and emotionally I was kicking and screaming in my head over it, but I think it really is great and it makes me happy that Bladen is loving it so much. PLUS- they serve free breakfast and lunch, and he has been willing to try some new things that he is finding he likes. He said he liked mashed potatoes yesterday! What?! Awesome!

Look how happy mommy is to have her little boy back!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

August Round Up

August was crazy in the way that we had unexpected interviews and opportunities pop up that changed our path or our possible path. It ended up being a month of hanging out, stressing, trying to figure things out, and then mostly waiting. We didn't do much.
Youth activities, always a blast.
These two cuties are my favorite.
We went bowling together as a family one afternoon. Thank Ashley!
I love the determination and enthusiastic arms!
It's safe to say that he still loves bowling!
This is the new rental house we found, and we love it!
This happened...
As did this. What on Earth are you guys looking at? I don't think they knew either.
Bladen was my awesome helper with processing corn. After it boiled and I put it in the sink in cold water and ice, and after I reminded him to wait to touch it for a few minutes, then he would be a great help by playing with that corn in the water. Or telling me that the ice melted and we needed more. Never mind the splashy water mess or that most of the ice melted in his hands. haha
Thank you Sister Hollingshead for the corn, it is our favorite!
Bladen had his first doctors check up in quite awhile. That is totally bad parenting on my part I guess. I just never had a need to take him in during the year we'd already lived here, and I never transferred his records from when we moved to Meadville. BUT- PreK was about the start at the beginning of September and he needed to get checked out and updated on any missed shots. He was a little wiggle monster, couldn't sit still. But he was excited and liked talking to all the "doctors" that came in the room. I warned and prepared him all day that they were going to "poke" him and give him a shot. He was almost excited for it, and when it came, he did a great job even though it hurt and he cried. We went and got a doughnut afterwards to make it all better. Doughnuts fix everything, didn't you know?
We were in Erie and we usually hit up Chipotle for dinner every time. But I was kind of craving choices and to make my own salad, so we headed to Golden Corral. All our dinner choices revolve around Bladen because he is pretty particular and we will not waste money on something he won't eat. So GC was a gamble, but I figured I would be able to find enough for him to eat that he would like. WOW! He loved it and did so great! He loved being able to see and pick his food. It almost all came from the salad bar, but that's great!