The Ence Gang

The Ence Gang

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bladen's Lenny Moment

It is a big understatement to say that Bladen loves his sister. He has transitioned so well with this big new change. He loves to hold her and to talk to her and is often giggling at everything she does. He loves when I make her "talk" to him, where I just say in my regular voice, "Adelaide says..." It's terrible when he is sick because we try to not share germs and all he wants to do is kiss her goodnight and give her a hug. He is a great big brother and is always helping me when I ask.

I have to admit I had a hard time for a little bit after Adelaide was born. I've never regretted her being here, she is a perfect addition to our family. But it's weird how things change, and I felt sad and maybe a little guilty that things were so different for Bladen now. He wasn't the only child anymore, he was going to have less attention and have to share his time. Gosh, it just made me sad and cry to think about it. It still actually makes me sad and tear up sometimes that it won't ever go back to the way that it was. I don't want it to, it's just like saying goodbye or shutting a door on an amazing part of my life, and it is for Bladen too. I think that's what makes it so sad for me. I love my Bladen Bug so much, and I would never want him to feel replaced or less special.

But as sad as it is, it is that much happier and brighter in our lives with Adelaide here. I don't think Bladen has been sad at all with the change, just very very loving.

We often have to remind Bladen to be soft, have soft touches, don't squeeze her, etc. He does really great. When I was getting ready for church last Sunday, I turned around to see Bladen full body hugging Adelaide. It was so cute. But as I gently reminded him not to squeeze and to remember to be soft, all I could think of was Lenny from Of Mice and Men, where he squeezes and kills mice. It kind of made me chuckle. I also thought of the WB's abominable snowman when he says, "I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George." haha

Cutest thing ever.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Name and a Blessing

Adelaide Lucy Ence was blessed and given a name by her father Deric Ence, and several other close friends and her Granddad Ence. Deric was less nervous this time blessing Addie than he was Bladen, and she received a wonderful and heartfelt blessing. It was full of promises to have health and to grow in her life, spiritually, mentally, and physically. My favorite was how Deric blessed her to know who her mother was, and how much she cares for her. That we will have a special relationship as she grows. It completely warms my heart and excites me to see this little girl grow up and become close with her throughout her life.

It was a very special day and we were glad to have some family there with us, Deric's parents.

My mom made the dress and did such an amazing job. The dress was perfect, not too frilly, just the right amount. And my sister sent the headband and the ruffle-butt bloomers that aren't pictured. Karen, Deric's mom, gave us these really sweet little shoes that she wore. So everyone had a little bit of a hand in her blessing day, she looked perfect.

At the end of the blessing I figured Deric would show Adelaide off by holding her up a bit so the congregation could see her, as per tradition. But much to my surprise he held her up high above his head Lion King style, like Rafiki and Simba.

Everyone laughed, and I said out loud (mostly to myself), "Well that wasn't irreverent at all..." Karen leaned over and said, "Well he's an Ence." So yes, that's about right. Funny and irreverent = an Ence. Haha, it was pretty funny. But you could see the spark of brilliancy of his idea on his face, right before he lifted her up. I'm not sure I even had time to think to myself, oh here we go...

It was a great day though and Adelaide did great during the blessing. She sneezed a couple times and just hung out smiling while all those wonderful priesthood holders bounced her up and down.

They asked me to bare my testimony and I did. I expressed my gratitude for the love and generosity of the people there in this ward, for a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed us immensely with a loving, growing family and everything we need. I testified of my faith and knowledge that my little family will be together forever because of Deric and I's temple marriage. I am so grateful for that knowledge and for my faith that Heavenly Father will bless me with the things that I stand in need of, it really keeps me going through hard times. (When is life not hard? Goodness.)

I love my little baby full of joy. She is already my new best friend and I can't wait to learn and grow with her. After all, I have so much to learn about all the new "girly" stuff I am sure she is bound to love. Bring on the purses, makeup, nail polish, frilly skirts, and whatever else comes with girl territory. Everything except too much glitter.


Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Favorites!

2014 was a pretty good year! Here are some of my favorites!


Marble run family fun


The happiest news and freezing sleigh rides
New firsts: Pineapple and washing the car
New York, New York!!!
 Grammy and Papa visit
We found out we were having a GIRL!!!
Fathers Day pies (epically good) and pool parties
Girls Camp and a trip to Utah to visit family!
 Which also means COSTA VIDA! I love food. So. Dang. Much.
More family in Utah and Bladen preparing for school! (That's a "B" he wrote in salt.)
Not a lot happened in August besides us waiting around to hear if we were moving here or there. So we hung out and packed.
We also went bowling and this happened... I still think it's hilarious.
Bladen started Pre-K this year!
And we ended up moving here rather than there!

Oh ya know, we had a baby...
Grammy and Papa came to visit and play!
And we enjoyed Halloween!
Babies and snow playing!
Cousin and family time!!!
Cute babies and best friend reunions!
2014 was a pretty great year, but I think 2015 will have it beat!
Happy New Year!

Monday, November 24, 2014

September Round Up

I'm a few months behind!

September was a bit of a stressor and a whirlwind for us. We had a baby that was almost due and could show up at any moment (ha!), and we moved (again!) to the beautiful house we are in now. Plus Bladen starting school (and mommy worrying a ton) and Deric starting teaching again at JCC added a bit to the stress. Whew, it's a wonder we made it.

Bladen hopping on the bus for his first day. I held it together, mostly, and he ended up loving it! School has been really great!

I found this thing online that was supposed to predict when I would be having Addie. It was wrong.
These are the only moving photos I got this time around. Bladen is becoming a pro at it.

Pregnancy craving fulfilled. YUM!
Side note: Dear Jamestown, please get a Dairy Queen. Thanks!
37 weeks pregnant!
This is the new house we live in! Isn't it cute?! I love all the wonderful details. Plus it's clean and nice and something we have a lot of pride in taking care of and living in. Not all rentals are created/treated equally. This rental is a diamond in the rough and we fill lucky and blessed to be here.
Also thank you to our new landlords for being so kind and understanding of our crazy situation. (We almost moved to Oregon, but weren't sure if it was going to happen and the whole not knowing pushed back our move in date.) I'm not sucking up, honest. I am truly grateful for the blessings they made possible for being understanding. Good people.
Look at my kitchen cupboards!!! Cuteness!
Another amazing blessing to living in this awesome house is living in this awesome neighborhood. We love sitting on the porch waiting for the bus and watching all the kids walk to school. It's so family friendly here, we are loving it!

Hahaha, this picture cracks me up. It's Bladen's attendance photo at the school. We were able to go and meet his teacher, Mr. Nelson. He is awesome and so good with the kids. I really like him. Bladen was proud to show us around the school and knew right where his classroom was without any help. What a smarty. (We had no idea where it was, and Bladen took us up stairs, and around several windy hallways. Impressive for a 3 year old.)
39 weeks, almost there!
September was good to us, now onto baby and birthday month! OCTOBER!