The Ence Gang

The Ence Gang

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oregon and Cali Highlights

Every year for two years now, (maybe three years?) the chicks of the Daniels family get together to have a "Girls Week." That's what I started calling it even though it has included male family members on some occasion, and of course the kiddos. Really it's a chance for us as family but mostly for the cousins to get together and play. Living across the country from each other is not very fun and makes it so we can't see each other often, so these trips are awesome and well loved by all involved. The "Girls Week" comes into play because we always do something crafty together, all munch on junk for a week, and talk and laugh and talk and cry (guilty) and laugh and talk. It's fantastic.

This year was also cool because before we started "Girls Week" in California, Bladen and I went to Oregon to spend some solid Papa and Grammy time together.

Since there was so much that happened, here are the highlights:

Gracious. 30 minutes after I changed his diaper (no, we are no where close to being potty trained) I noticed he had a small spot on his pants. I thought maybe I missed a cheek in my haste to change his diaper, there is no way it could be full and leaking already! Well another 15 minutes proved me wrong when I noticed Bladen's seat was all wet. WHAT? How on earth did he fill his diaper that fast, and why on earth would it leak that quickly? Well we were seriously SOL. I didn't have any other pants for him and we were 45 minutes into our full day of travel. Fun.
This pictures does not do justice to this epic leak. There was no way I could let him wear those the rest of the day. I thought I would go wash them and use the hand dryers on our layover. But our layover was about 15 minutes for some reason, and there were no hand dryers in the bathrooms, probably the only airport ever to not have them. So I tied my jacket around his waist when he'd let me. Otherwise, yes, we were those people walking around in the airport receiving all the stares and maybe some judgement, mom and a child with no pants. But it honestly didn't really bother me, I thought it was pretty funny all day. I would get a fit of giggles every once in a while.

On our second flight, the long 4 hour one, a nice young girl sat next to me. I am always grateful when people choose to sit next to me and not as the last resort of the whole plane. You know they will be nice if they CHOOSE to sit by you and the squirmy kid.
Well this is who sat by me on the airplane, Katie! I can honestly say I've never had an experience like I had sitting and talking with a stranger for 4 hours that doesn't feel like a stranger at all after 20 minutes. We were both open and talked about everything and just kind of clicked. It felt like we were supposed to sit next to each other and be friends. We talked about our lives, experiences, goals, mostly religion and God. It was all really awesome. I'm grateful to have a new fun friend, we traded information and I plan on staying in touch. It was too cool of an experience not to!

There were lots of Papa and Bladen moments. They had a lot of fun playing together and Papa would often read to Bladen before he went to bed, so would Grammy even though she's not pictured here.

The best thing we did was go to Baggenstoss's Pumpkin patch farm place. There were pumpkins, a hay maze, playground, duck races, pumpkin bowling, and a hay ride! I think we all enjoyed it immensely, it was a really fun day all together.
 Trying out the hay maze, and trying to get the perfect picture. This is what my mom and I looked like all week.
This kid is so hard to get to look at the camera or me while I'm taking it. I will do all sorts of obnoxious/funny things to get his attention and make him smile. They don't seem to be working. He will say cheese and look the other direction though. Small progress...

Other things we did in Oregon:
-My mom took me birthday shopping and I got some much needed jeans. Thanks mom!
-I went on my daddy daughter date and we went and did a session in the temple and got sushi afterwards. I feel a tradition in the making!
Seriously, this one was so so so yummy. My dad and I aren't even that adventurous in what we try, we just get the good safe stuff and eat a lot of it. YUM.

-I went and visited my Grandma twice, she's nearing the end of her journey so it was good to see her.
-We rented the second Star Trek, and it was awesome! I love watching new movies.
-Junked and Garage Saled. My mom thinks this wasn't fun (probably because I complain about antiquing sometimes. Or tease that Deric would rather go. I guess I still have some of my feelings from growing up about antiquing. But in my defense, I bet I've been in more craft and antique stores than you have. All of you put together. Times 2.), but it really was fun. I enjoyed the hunt of what she was looking for.
-A special Red Robin lunch date with my mom, I'm convinced there is no better place to get a burger and fries.
-Then I just got to hang out a home, my home in Oregon. And that is seriously the best. I feel so comfortable there. It just feels like home, because it is.

Now onto.... "GIRLS WEEK!"

I think we might need to change the name of this get together to "COUSIN WEEK", because that is all I have pictures of, is the little boys playing together. I don't have one picture of us working on our purses together, which was the craft that we did this time. I really wanted a purse because I have been using a Nike cinch bag from my senior year of high school, for forever. I don't really like real purses and what is available to purchase in stores, so I found something on Pinterest, and thankfully and graciously, my mom and sister agreed we could make them.

I would like to state that even though I had LOADS of help figuring every step out with the pattern and pinning and how to sew the darn thing (thanks Mom and Steph!), I sewed that sucker all by myself! I even threw a mini heidi hissy fit about having to sew it. But I got over it and did it. WOOT! I feel like I could do this whole sewing thing, maybe.

It's a double sided beauty. I know, it's totally awesome!

OK, back to COUSIN WEEK:

A little blurry, but cute! Bladen and Luke had a little bit of trouble getting along this time. Scratch that, Luke is great and gets along with anyone. He's a babe. But Bladen wasn't used to having this other little munchkin around to share toys with that he was interested in. Overall I think they did OK. Every time Bladen see's a picture of Luke and I ask him who it is he says, "Aww, Baby Luke. So cute." I'm pretty sure he says that because I say it first. =) I can't get enough of this kid.

Bradley, what a dang cute kid. He is getting so big and smart! Every time we see him it makes me excited to see what he is doing and how smart he is, and gets me excited for when Bladen will be there. He is an awesome example to Bladen, and we came home with more words and more understanding. Thanks Brad! Brad just really makes me proud, and I'm not even his own mama. He is fantastic!

We got to go to Bradley's basketball game which was such a hoot. Imagine this, there are a bunch of 4 year olds running around the gym with a ball, trying to shoot it, trying to steal it, mostly chaos, but all super cute. It was awesome! Bradley did really great, he is learning and listens well. Look at that form, never mind where the ball went. =)

There was a lot of good Grammy and grandboys time. They played some Candyland together, and Bladen did pretty well. He loves to play games but doesn't quite get it yet, but Brad showed him how to do it. I guess I had better get some more games for Bladen to play! I love that they love to spend time doing things with their Grandma.

Then we went to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland!!! This for sure deserves it's own post, so you only get one goofy picture of me and Brian. I have some talented lips I tell you. (Deric's lips think so too, I asked.) Next year I should really be Two-Face from Batman! I would totally rock it. 

But let me just say this about our quick Halloween trip to Disney, it was epicly fun!

Ooooooooo! Then we got to go to Vasquez Rocks together! That was so fun to go do a little hike one afternoon. This is the place that you see in a lot of movies, it was so fun to be there!
Bill and Ted, totally far out movie.

Lots of Star Trek

And the Big Bang Theory

Ok, anyway. It's really cool!
See, I was there! Can you see a little dude at the very tipy top? I didn't go way up there, we had all the kiddos with us, but we did go up through the center, which proved to be a fun but kind of scary hike with the kidlets. Bladen kept pulling me and wanted to go quicker than we were, but every surface was at a steep angle and had lose rocks. Precarious with a almost 3 year old and his little sweaty hands.

The boys found a "cave" and thought that was pretty cool. The picture on the right cracks me up. I hope they are best cousin friends as they grow up.

Bladen and I got some pictures there too. They are some of my very favorites I have.

Even if I do have horse teeth in this one.
I really really like the sun rays. And the little boy. And my teeth, they make me laugh.

They also got to play with some dirt in Steph's backyard. I've always wanted to let Bladen play in the dirt, but we just haven't had a good place or opportunity. I love how dirty his face is. As I suspected, it lasted about 10 minutes (Brad lasted for about an hour) and Bladen asked to clean his hands off. haha.

That was most of our COUSIN WEEK. The rest of the time was spent:
-breaking up fights
-letting the boys play
-eating junk food
-making and eating yummy food
-taking a million pictures of these kids that we love so much
-just enjoying our time together

Thanks mom and dad for flying Bladen and I out to play with you and then with the Saponas Fam. Thanks Saponas Fam for letting us come and play and have such a good time! Next time you guys can pick the craft! 

Oh wait, I had to include these:

I seriously cannot get enough of this kid. Baby Luke, don't grow up too fast. I love you baby sized!


Michelle said...

So much to say. The last couple of times you have commented on my blog you have said that you like my life and that you want what I have (or something like that). And when I first read the comment I think, 'Why would someone want my life?' Because if I were to want what someone else has, it would be someone who could afford to put their kids in sports, or to be able to go on real vacations or who has a husband that is home in the evenings. And that's definitely not me. But then I look back at my pictures I post, and I get it. That's the bad thing about blogs, especially since I have given up writing about life.
I think we all can look at someone else's life as an outsider and want one aspect of their life. Well, the one aspect I want of your life is to be able to fly home with my kids. I am so happy that you get to, and I'm not jealous. That's one of your blessings and I'm happy for you. Really!
I can't remember what I was going to say about the pictures, you look really happy at Disneyland, you and Bladen look perfect. And those last 2 pictures of you and your nephew, you look AMAZING!
Hope you Ences are doing well!

Lola + Ryan said...

you look so pretty and i love all the cute kiddo pictures. especially Bladen in your horse teeth shot. :-) hiking with littles is terrifying, is it not? also, i love that you had that airplane experience. i have had many of those. i have entertained the idea of writing a book about it. :-)