The Ence Gang

The Ence Gang

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

32 weeks

I wish I had been awesome and updated throughout this pregnancy like I did last time, because honestly I was a hoot. I found this bravery and courage to say what I wanted to say because I was in a "I don't care what you or anyone else thinks" kind of mood. It's safe to say that this time, I am overall a little less moody and hormonal. I have my moments where they come in full force at random times, but overall I think I've been better this time around. I don't know what Deric would say, he would probably disagree. Men, what do they know? Right?

Well holy freaking cow, we are having a girl! I can seriously still hardly believe it. I was teasing Deric that I am pretty much invincible now because I get what I want every time. I wanted a boy first, was convinced it would be a girl, got a boy. We both really wanted a girl this time, I was convinced it would be a boy, got a girl. Boo-ya. Invincible.

I had the ultrasound people put the gender results in an envelope because we couldn't be there together to find out at the same time. So at dinner that night, and after a full day of texting and teasing my family, Deric opened the envelope first. As soon as I saw his smile I knew it was a girl. It was a really cute special moment to finally know what we were going to be having. So we threw on some of my socks and what we had laying around and took a super cute picture to let everyone know the good news.

We also have known her name before we knew she was a girl. Deric came up with it which just makes it ten times cuter anyway. We will call her Addie Lu. You're melting with cuteness overload, huh? I like that it is a bit unique, but not super weird.
Bladen and Adelaide.
This pregnancy has been SO different than my last. I can sum it up in two words. Lazy and pain. Deric would say I need one more word to accurately describe this go around, and that word would be, complains.
Sweet girl is covering her eyes and opening her mouth. She'll probably be loud, just like her mother.
-I haven't gained more weight than last time, so far. I started about 10 pounds up from where I started with Bladen. But all the weight I have gained has gone straight to my thighs, booty, and love handles area. I am getting w i d e r.
-Since I'm getting wider, hardly any of the maternity clothes I share with my sister, fit. Giant bummer. My thighs are just too big.
-More sick, about the same puking
-Puke count: 7 or so
-Heartburn is OUT OF THIS WORLD, especially now in the 3rd tri
-Sleeping has been mostly terrible the whole pregnancy
-She moves a TON and generally stays on the right side of my stomach
-I've had no pregnancy dreams (that's been nice)
-I haven't been nearly as emotional or hormonal in general. It's kicked up a notch in 3rd tri though
-My hair is not very pretty and nice like it was last time
-I don't crave much of anything. Some things sound good, but no true food "cravings"
-Hmmm, I do live off of ice though. I freeze water bottles for a couple hours and munch on the ice that forms around the edges so it's not too hard. It's weird how it makes me feel better. (No I don't have pica.)
-Even though no cravings, I enjoy sweets a lot more than I usually do. Dinner doesn't seem complete unless I eat a mini choc doughnut or cookie.
-Not as clumsy. Although I am trying pretty hard not to have to go in for any special reason this time.
-Braxton hicks like crazy! If I stand up from sitting down too long I get one, I get them laying down, really any time. I had like 2 last time.
-Energy level is way down
-Chest has hardly grown, I feel all disproportionate (I went up to an F last time! What?)
-Much harder to eat healthy
-Round ligament pains, holy OUCH. I had them on my right side last time, I've got it everywhere this time. And it unfortunately hasn't let up. I have literally felt myself and my hips stretching out. Much more pain this time.
Eyes and mouth open, hands kind of in the way.
That's all I can think of right now. But yes, I have been super lazy, in lots of pain, and apparently complain about it a lot. I don't mean to, I suppose it's just hard not to. Sorry Deric. I am working on making a beautiful little girl for you though, so just stick with me and be NICE for another month and a half.
31 weeks on the left, 2010.         32 weeks on the right, 2014.
I've been a bit self conscious this pregnancy. I don't mean to be, it drives me crazy. I usually have self esteem coming out of my ears. But when I'm pregnant, that kind of all goes out the window. Eh, oh well right? And even though these pictures are a week off in gestational growth, and I weigh more this time (haven't gained much more than last time though), I don't look too far off. Plus I look a lot cuter in the picture from a couple weeks ago. Suck it 2010.
I did and do try rather harder on Sundays. But when I get home it's back to comfort city. T-shirts and basketball shorts!

Oh, one more thing about this pregnancy. It might be the tums plugging me up and or it just being different this time, but sometimes I totally feel like I deserve this.

It just makes you feel good, doesn't it?

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Marcene said...

I freeze water bottles too! It is crazy loud when I shake it trying to get the smaller pieces to the top! Haha! Can't wait to see your little girl, also I am super jealous that you have a name picked out!